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We have selected some of the best equestrian web sites and links to resources for your use. This link is provided purely as a service and such information does not represent an endorsement or recommendation, implied or otherwise of the listed instructors. If you have any suggestions for additional links to this archive please contact us with your suggestions.

Gymkhana Association


          Equestrian Clubs


For the Student...


Tired of hearing about everyone’s IPhone 6?

Join The Club!

Looking for a way to make new friends without

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Join the Club!

Need less drama and more fun in your life?

Join The Club!


The Equestrian Club OF ROCKY BRANCH


The Equestrian Club is an after school horsemanship program


Each session includes...

  • a group lesson covering a horse care topic 

  • learning how to tack up a horse with safety as a number 1 priority

  • practice riding skills along with games on horseback all the while receiving individualized attention

  • in addition, each rider will keep track of their progress on the 6 level, 80 point tracker board

What exactly is a club session?...

Here's a sneak peak...


3:30 - drop off begins

4:00 - group topic with discussion, such as learning about            proper hoof care and preparation to ride

4:30 - ride horses with friends and learn while having fun

5:30 - review what was learned, dismount

5:40 - homework help and study time

6:00 - pick up time begins


Basic Horse Anatomy

Caring for Illness and Injury

Basic Horse Tack/Equipment Safety

English Riding

Hunter/Jumper Riding 

Prepare for Competition

Western Riding

Trick Train

Games and Races


     The Equestrian Club is open and available to all members:


Tuesday   3:30-6:00pm

Wednesday  3:30-6:00pm

Thursday   3:30-6:00pm


While we know students will be "chomping at the bit" to come to The Club, we have structured The Club hours to accommodate all school dismissal times. Please have student’s “hold their horses” until the drop off time of 3:30.

 *Hours are based on dismissal times during the calendar school year. Weather may affect Equestrian Club hours and hours are subject to change


Equestrian Club Membership is available for students from age 9 through 15 years old.

High School Students

The Equestrian Varsity Letter qualification requires students to complete 50 hours of logged riding time over the course of a calendar semester.

*50 hours of logged riding time is based on a 2 sessions per week schedule. 


Our horses are waiting to meet you! Please come by The Equestrian Club of Rocky Branch for a free tour. Don't forget the carrots! 




Enjoy 3 days of riding each week 2 Equestrian Club sessions PLUS 1custom scheduled practice ride sessions. The Custom Level Membership allows students to schedule the practice session* with their favorite horse!  



Cost  $299 




Enjoy 2 days of riding each week for 4 weeks     


Cost: $199





Cost: $159





Enjoy 1 day of riding each week for 4 weeks               


Cost: $99




Cost: $59






*Specific terms and conditions apply to all levels of Membership. Riding days are based on availability of the Equestrian Club of Rocky Branch schedule only. Practice ride sessions are based on prior scheduling confirmation with trainer during specific Equestrian Club of Rocky Branch available days/hours. *Practice sessions with specific horse's will require prior scheduling for availability MEMBERSHIP DUES: Payment required every 4 weeks.”

Why horses?

A horse is a friend who will forgive you for your mistakes…

Listen to all your problems and keep your secrets…

And love you unconditionally…

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